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Nigeria being the largest economy in Africa is attracting numerous Foreign Direct Investment - FDI. Whatever your investments goals are in Nigeria our consultants are here to provide our services

Nigeria with an estimated population of 160 million of which 42.8% of the population are below the age of 15 years and with an average GDP growth rate of 6.8% since 2005, Nigeria is potentially the highest consumer market in Africa and a fertile ground for companies looking for growth opportunities. The IMF forecasts that Nigeria's growth rate would cross into double- digit territory in the 2012-2015 timeframe which would put Nigeria ahead of two other emerging markets, Brazil and Russia and slightly behind India and China.

The Nigerian economy is diversifying with the growing demand for housing and retail goods. There are also opportunities in infrastructural development such as electricity as the Government adopts policies to encourage public private partnership through concessioning. Agriculture is another area that offers opportunities for growth.

Our Investment Service Include:

  • Risk Assesment
  • Due Diligence
  • Market Research
  • Regulatory Approvals

However, there are challenges and risks to overcome, such as non competitive infrastructure, unfinished distribution networks and a shortage of skilled labour. It is however pertinent to note that many International companies in a variety of industries such as MTN, Coca Cola, Nestle, Guinness, Lafarge and General Electric have shown that the attractiveness of the economy and consumer base outweigh any concerns about the business environment or political climate.

Whether your company decides to enter Nigeria through organic growth, acquisition or joint venture, your company would need to asses its threshold for risk, desired controls and speed to market. Whatever strategy your company chooses to adopt, strong and clear governance are a must. At with our local knowledge of the Nigerian business environment we strive to provide you with professional business support services to make doing business in Nigeria pleasurable.

Start investing in Nigeria now! will help and advise you on the right investment in Nigeria. Our expert consultants will carry out detailed report, fraud analysis and due diligence to ensure that your investment is a success.

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