Overview: Doing Business in Nigeria

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Nigeria is a nation of vibrant and resilient people, it operates a federal structure of 36 states with a federal capital at Abuja. The Nigerian economy is reasonably open and with an estimated population of 160 million, it is a fertile ground for companies and entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities. An IMF forecast stated that Nigeria's growth rate would cross into double- digit territory in the 2012-2015 timeframe which would put Nigeria ahead of two other emerging markets, Brazil and Russia and slightly behind India and China.

The Nigerian economy is diversifying with the growing demand for housing and retail goods. There are also opportunities in infrastructural development and in the agriculture, health and tourism sectors.

However, there are challenges and risks to overcome, such as non competitive infrastructure, unfinished distribution networks and a shortage of skilled labour. It is however pertinent to note that many International companies in a variety of industries such as MTN, Coca Cola, Nestle, Guinness, Lafarge and General Electric and some local entrepreneurs such as Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chief Mike Adenuga and Mr Tony Elumelu have shown that the attractiveness of the economy and consumer base outweigh any concerns about the business environment or political climate.

Here are collection of useful information on doing business in Nigeria. If you need assistance please contact us

Types of companies in Nigeria
We have designed a guide detailing the types of companies you can register in Nigeria. Our guide lists the requirements and the processes involved with the registration. From Limited Company to an NGO, we provide the platform that will enable you complete the registration
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IP and Trademarks
Doing business in Nigeria can be cumbersome and tiresome, however registering your business patents and trademarks can be the most difficult. Our aim to provide you with information on how to protect and register your intellectual assets and designs in Nigeria.
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Registering NGOs and Charities
Thinking of starting a charity or a non governmental organisation? NigeriaFormations provides you with the information and checklist required to succesfully register your charity. In addition to providing to platform to comple the registration.

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Business Permits
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